IPC Certification New pricing

The new IPC Certification platform has been released and along with that come some improvements, new pricing and new procedures to get used too.

The testing platform called EDGE2.0 does seem to work good.  My first class went reasonably smooth but as with anything new there were a few surprises.

A great improvement is that the students can now access there portal account easily and anytime they want.  They can see there past classes and most importantly their certificates.  They are now responsible for printing the certificate if they need a printed copy.  The instructor can not do this for them anymore.

The new pricing is

• The combination of the new IPC Policy and Essentials modules and the online exam for a specific
certification program will have a fee of $65/person. The IPC nonmember fee will be $85/person. – 1 retest of an individual module included.
• The same combination of modules mentioned above and the print test exam will have a fee of
$80/person. The IPC non-member fee will be $100/person. – 1 retest of an individual module included.

To access the portal now, trainers can still goto http://certification.ipc.org but trainers and students can go directly to EDGE2.0 at https://my.ipcedge.org 

Also important is there is a new release of the Policies and Procedures which you will have to agree to when you first try to log in to the new system.  And if you are like me you will need to print new copies of the P-N-P for the students to use during class.

The new system has a new Enhanced Policies and Procedures module which the students can complete before the start of class.  This would definitely decrease the time of the certification if you can get your students to have this completed before the first day of class.  I foresee that most of my classes we will continue to this at the beginning of each class.  There is an online presentation and test associated with this module.  I project this presentation and the class goes through it as a group.  Then the students take their individual test.  It works pretty good, but some of the presentation still needs work.

Trainers you should definitely check the certification portal news link from time to time as it does have good information.

Happy Certifications and feel free to call text or email me with your questions.

Author: CBH Solutions LLC

IPC Certified Master Trainer IPC Certified Trainer, IPC A 610, JSTD-001, JSTD-001 Space, IPC WHMA 620, IPC 7711/7721 ESDA/IPC Certified ESD Trainer

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