Streamlining and cost reduction for IPC certified trainer certifications

Continuing improvements/ changes in the IPC certification programs were recently announced.  IPC is in the process of releasing a Certified Standards Expert program for those individuals that want or need the instructor level certification but are not going to actually certify others.

Additionally a scheduled roll out of instructor materials for certification classes being available as a download through your account.  No more DVD/CD with the power points and other instructor info, just log into your account and what you need will be available right there.   Once fully implemented (Late April through May according to IPC) this will be a much more convenient (if you have access to the internet) way to keep your presentations updated and available when and where you need them.  Some pricing changes are involved as you will no longer be buying the $300 plus DVD/CD; that cost will be included in your certification/recertification tuition.  Unfortunately you will no longer have the option not to purchase the materials and you will be paying for the updated materials at every re-certification, regardless of whether the revision has changed or not.

Let me know if you have questions or need help with setting up a class, scheduling a class, finding an instructor and technical standards/criteria based.

Author: CBH Solutions LLC

IPC Certified Master Trainer IPC Certified Trainer, IPC A 610, JSTD-001, JSTD-001 Space, IPC WHMA 620, IPC 7711/7721 ESDA/IPC Certified ESD Trainer

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