IPC Certified Trainers – Scheduling?

Scheduling, I’m not sure if anyone really enjoys scheduling, but if you do maybe you should become an IPC Certified Trainer.  Scheduling is very much a part of the process because you are generally pulling together staff from several different departments and sometimes different locations.  In my world, the traveling trainer world, the scheduling can make of break the deal.  I try to be as flexible as possible but last minute request for classes generally is not possible.

If you are a trainer at a fixed location scheduling can still be a challenge but there are a few ways to make it work for your staff’s schedules.  Here are of a few of the ways I have found to make the training schedule more flexible.

  1. Divide the training into 2 groups, group A and group B.  The class may be comprised of several people from several different departments.  In group A you want a few people from each of the different groups and then the others in Group B.  The training will be group A the first 4 hours of whatever shift you choose to conduct your training in and group B will attend the second 4 hours of the same shift.  This technique increases the overall time to complete the training but allows some coverage in each department while others from that department  are in training.
  2. Designate a IPC training day or couple of days each month. Example: the third week of the month on Thursday and Friday the class is held.  This spreads out the time to complete the certification, but allows less impact on your production output. Employees become accustomed to this being the training days and you have less absentees.  IPC begins a certification with the day the mandatory modules are completed and allows all the optional modules to be completed at anytime after that.  The certifications are good for 2 years to the last day of the month that the mandatory module(s) were completed.  Optional modules do not affect the expiration date.
  3. If your group of trainees is spread over two back to back shifts using method 1 above but training the last 4 hours of shift one and the first 4 hours of shift two allows employees not to have to change shift times just to get IPC certification.

I hope these few ideas help and feel free to share your creative scheduling of IPC training.